It was during the summer of 2015, in a quiet and peaceful night, a conversation among two close friends from Mykonos sparked the dream of creating a restaurant.

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Some years passed, and that dream started to materialize in the form of 3 restaurant ideas.

One of those ideas was "Phoebus" , a restaurant based on locality, tradition and simplicity. During this time, "Phoebus" managed to connect more friends with common ideas and inspiration to create a team full of passion, while each member was completing the other.

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During a much needed holiday after a long season in Mykonos, we stumbled upon one of the greatest Greek chefs of our generation and the puzzle was complete! Every team member sets aside their carriers and focuses on achieving this long desired dream.

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We are finally there. "Phoebus" is open for the world to enjoy at last, and for us to start our journey of culinary evolution…

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