Some thousand years ago, in the middle of the Aegean sea and the island of Delos, a god was born. Phoebus blessed the land with infinite sunlight, cleansing the grounds and purifying the seas, sowing the seeds of life to the place we nowadays call the Cyclades. In our ages we have the sacred duty and freedom to rip those seed sand try to create beauty, harmony and savouriness while inspired to be worthy children of the sun.


Guided by the sea, this is our philosophy. Here at Phoebus restaurant we gather daily what the sea and the land of the island provide to create an elevated local experience, while respecting the tradition of our people.


Guided by the sea is our motto. Our chef visits the local fish market every day to choose the best and freshest fish we can find in Mykonos! Then the journey continues to the vegetable market to seek the perfect ingredients to accompany our fish. Following the Greek tradition, our kitchen team creates extraordinary plates with the most modern techniques combining the past and the present to elevate the local cuisine.


The best friend of a tasty fresh fish is an equally fresh and tasty wine! In "Phoebus" we are all wine lovers, so we couldn't help ourselves but to build a nice and creative wine list to pair with the different cuts and techniques which we serve our fish. With a big selection of Greek and local wines, accompanied by the best varieties the rest of the world has to offer, we are certain to find what suits you and the plates you are enjoying the best!


While visiting Mykonos town after our long shifts, we were desperate to find some nice classic cocktails to wash out our day so far. Since we couldn't find something like that, now at "Phoebus" we created a classic cocktail list with a small twist to keep things fresh and exciting, so everyone can enjoy the cocktail they already know, with a small surprise hidden inside.

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