Wine Taste Project

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Most of the flavours you get when you taste wine come through your nose as it's connected to the back of your mouth. The technical term for this is retronasal olfaction. Plus you are also getting your five tastes: bitter, sweet, salt, acid and umami (savouriness), and the physical feel from tannins, alcohol etc.


The experience.

Enjoy a private wine tasting by experienced guides and get know all there is about Greek grapes.


The meaning.

Wine is about sharing memories and create new ones with people you meet along the way.


The way.

Book a wine tasting tour and become more comfortable and knowledgeable with Greek wines and culture.

Our wine taste experiences

Grand Tour

Starting from the North and going to the South, with a small tour around the islands, this wine tasting trip will guide you through the most important Greek grapes, how they came to be and what they represent. Consisting of 8 different wines, you will get to experience all Greece has to

The Unknowns

There is no better friend for fresh fish than a fine white wine. Lucky for us, we are blessed with both. Here you will taste a blend of locally produced wines, with the least known, but very tasty Greek grapes that will cover every aspect of a refreshing summer wine. Consisting of 6 different wines, you will get to experience a great variety of excellent white wines.

The Assyrtiko

Assyrtiko is the most important and well known Greek grape for a reason. Originating in the rough volcanic terrain of Santorini, it is a grape that offers more than it promises. Consisting of 5 different wines, you will get to experience what a real Assyrtiko means, from Santorini and other parts of Greece as well, enjoying different forms of the same grape.

Join us for a trip around Greece like no other!

Other than tasty fresh and dry aged fish, here at Phoebus we really enjoy a good wine. So we invite you to join us for a trip around Greece like no other! We are creating a private wine tasting by a professional guide so you can become familiar with the local grapes and varieties. Together we are going to do and extensive tour of award winning Greek wines so you can leave our two hour "class" more confident and knowledgeable about our land and our grapes, even if you are just beginning your long lasting wine voyage.